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Species References - Macremphytus tarsatus
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AuthorGoulet, H.
TitleThe Genera and Subgenera of the sawflies of Canada and Alaska. Hymenoptera: Symphyta.
Title StatementThe Insects and Arachnids of Canada
Publication Date1992
NEOS Call #QL 568 T3 G6983

AuthorIves, W. G. H. and H. R. Wong
TitleTree and shrub insects of the prairie provinces
Publication Date1988
NEOS Call #SD 356.54 C22 C212 I43 no.0292

AuthorJohnson, W. T. and H. H. Lyon
TitleInsects that feed on trees and shrubs.
Pages560 pp
Publication Date1991
NEOS Call #SB 762 J63

AuthorPhilip, H. and E. Mengersen
TitleInsect Pests of the Prairies.
Pages122 pp
Publication Date1989
NEOS Call #SB 931 P549

AuthorTriplehorn, C. A. and N. F. Johnson
TitleBorror and DeLong's Introduction to the Study of Insects 7th Edition.
Pages864 pp.
Publication Date2005
NEOS Call #QL 463 B73


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