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scientific name    Nebria hudsonica    

On barren, usually stony banks of running water; usually in mountainous or hilly districts.

Adults have been collected in August.

Member of the gyllenhali group. Deep black without any trace of metallic reflection, appendages (except femora) often piceous, head without rufous spots. Prothorax broad, with strongly rounded and widely relexed sides, clearly sinuate before the sharp hind-angles, which are slightly acute to faintly obtuse; base with a short sinuation laterally. Also defined by the setigerous punctures on the second sternite and the combination of unisetose metacoxae and plurisetose sternites 3-5. Length 10.2 to 13.8 mm.

life history
Overwintering occurs in the larval stage, with most immature individuals found early in summer.


diet info
Both larvae and adults are predatory.

This subspecies is found in northwestern United States and western Canada. In Alberta only a few specimens have been collected in the south west region.

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