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scientific name    Amara pallipes    

This species is usually found on open habitats. Meadows are preferred and generally abundant near water sources (Lindroth, 1968).

Adults are black, dull and narrow, 6.2 - 8 mm in length. Antennae are reddish-brown. Head is somewhat larger than Amara angustata. Prothorax characteristically wide about the middle with front angles more protruding than other species, usually straight sides in basal half, oblique outer basal fovea. Elytra long slightly rounded with pore puncture at the base and lighter reddish to dull black with greenish or bluish luster. Legs are dark reddish - brown. Male hind tibia internally have short hair outgrowth. Male genitalia internally bear a scaly sac like structure. Lateral lobes are hooked which are short and prominent (Lindroth, 1968).

life history
No specific information on biology of this species is available.

Information not available.

diet info
Adults feed on seeds of mainly grasses such as P. pratensis (Lundgren, 2009)

This species has Transamerican distribution. In Canada, it is present in North-West Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick (Lindroth, 1954, Majka et al., 2007, CBIF, 2010).

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