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scientific name    Nebria sahlbergii sahlbergii    

Margins of clear, swiftly running waters, often small brooks, with coarse gravel and stones.

The single specimen was collected in June.

Member of the gregaria group, characterized by: prothorax without marginal setae, sides with well defined reflexion, hind angles right or acute; meta-coxae and sternites 3-5 plurisetose. Piceous to almost black, elytra as a rule with greenish or violaceous lustre, legs entirely rufous or with darker femora. Characterized by the very obtuse hind-angles of prothorax, with sides not or barely sinuate basally. Length 8.5 to 11.5 mm.

life history
Overwintering occurs in the larval stage, with numerous immature beetle seen from the end of May to mid-July.

Rare in Alberta.

diet info
Both larvae and adults are predatory.

This species is found in the western coastland and adjacent mountains of United States and Canada. In Alberta the single specimen was taken northwest of Hinton.

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