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scientific name    Dicerca callosa callosa    



Second and third segments of the antennae are about the same size. The mesotibia of male is simple, or has a slight dilation. Elytra striate, becoming obliterated in the broadly punctured areas. The general body outline, is similar in appearance to beetles of Poecilonota cyanipes. There are two subspecies of D. callosa recognized by Bright (1987). No, good structural features for separating the subspecies were given except for relative size and geography. Bright reported both subspecies from Alberta. In my examination of the material, I recognize one subspecies, Dicerca callosa callosa Casey.

life history
In Alberta adults were found resting on charred trunks of jack pine in a mixed stand of aspen and jack pine.


diet info
Unknown, the beetles are primarily associated with aspen, but also taken on some conifers, white pine in the east (Bright 1987) and jack pine in the west.

Transcontinental in the boreal zone in from Alaska to eastern Quebec, and down into the Great Lake States (Bright 1987, Nelson 1975).

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Dave (2010-03-13)
I find the Dicerca pages pretty frustrating: if the antennae have important characters, why are no antennae shown? ''Second and third segments of the antennae are about the same size'' is vague, but Dicerca tenebrosa has ?a short second segment on the antennae? - not much use unless you are familiar with Dicerca antennae.

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