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scientific name    Cicindela duodecimguttata    

common name     Twelve-spot tiger beetle

These beetles live close to pond and stream margins.

These beetles have been collected in May and June, and are also expected in July through September.

This species is similar to Cicindela repanda . However, it is more closely related to C. oregona and hybridizes with it in a realtively wide zone along the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta. Populations of C. duodecimguttata occur east of the foothills and populations of C. oregona to the west along mountain valleys. Hybrid populations have markings intermediate to those of C. oregona and C. duodecimguttata. The humeral lunule may be narrowly broken or expressed as a spot and the marginal line is of variable length.

life history
Members of this species have a two year life cycle, with the third instar larva passing through the first winter and the adult the second. Adults and larvae winter in burrows near the stream or pond margin.

Relatively common in Alberta.

diet info
None available.

The range of this species covers most of Canada and the United States. This species is found throughout Alberta with the exception of the far north and western Rockies.

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