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scientific name    Chrysobothris breviloba    

Montaine forests.

These beetles were identified and labelled as Ch. vulcanica by Bright in 1982. I disagree with the determinations. The male from British Columbia differs in the structure of the pro-tibia. It is missing the notch seen in the male of vulcanica. The aedeagus is very different, almost twice as wide and shaped very differently. The pattern of costa and fovea differ from that seen in the specimen of vulcanica. The female from Alberta, matches with the elytral and pronotal pattern of costae, fovea and callosities with the BC male. The male examined is 14.1 mm and the female is 13.2 mm, both well below the length cited for beetles of Ch. vulcanica (15-17 mm). The male from Golden, matches the description of Ch .breviloba, the aedeagus a near perfect match. It is a little larger than the size range of 8.5 to 12 mm. The next best match would be with Ch. trinervia, but in this species the aedeagus is a different shape (body length of 10 to 13 mm).

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In the USA, specimens have been reared from pines and Douglas fir (Fisher 1942, Bright 1987).

This species ranges from southern Alberta and British Columbia south through the western states to Arizona and Texas (Fisher 1942, Bright 1987).

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