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scientific name    Chrysobothris monticola    


This species is recognized in Fisher (1942) as a valid species. Bright (1987) does not list this species as occuring in Canada. In the Canadian Checklist of Beetles, the species is listed. I follow Fisher and include the species as occuring in Alberta. The head has two small callosities on front and a longitudinal ridge on top. Males golden green on fron and in females cupreous brown. the pronotum is nearly twice as long as wide. The disk is slightly convex and uneven with a broad longitudinal medial depression which is densely punctate on the apical two thirds and smooth at the base. This is limited on each side of the apical half by two or more irrigular callosities. The intervening space between smooth areas is irregularly punctate. Each elytron has four more or less distinct costae which are intrrupted by numerous densely punctured areas and smooth spaces. In males, the shape of the last sternal segment and the form of the tibia of the male resemble those of Ch. trinervia. Differences in the structure of the male genitalia will separate the species (see Figures 14 &15 in the species key). In females, differences occur in the shape of the clypeal margin. In Ch. trinervia the base of the emargination is quite sharp, whereas in females of Ch. monticola, the base is broadly rounded. The emargination of the last sternal plate in female Ch. trinervia is much smaller and tightly rounded.

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Reported from pines (Fisher 1942).

This western species is found from Southern British Columbia south through the Rocky Mountain states to California (Fisher 1942).

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