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scientific name    Buprestis maculativentris    

Boreal conifer forests.

Late June through early August.

Beetles of B. maculativentris are dark with a bronzed lustre. on the elytra, a slight depression exists 1/4 to 1/2 the distance from the apex. Slight transverse wrinkle marks, occur in the depression. No yellow markings are present on the elytra. The last 4 abdominal sterna are usually maculated with orange spots. This species is easily confused with B. lyrata but may be distinguished by its smaller average size. Immaculate beetles of B. nutalli are very similar, but have lateral maculations on all abdominal sterna. Beetles of B. maculativentris from 13 to 20 mm.

life history
Very little is known of this beetles life history.

Widespread, sporadic.

diet info
In eastern Canada recorded from Fraser fir, various pines and white spruce. In Alberta the beetle has been associated with white spruce.

The beetle is found from the North West Territories east to the Maritimes and south into the Eastern United States. In Alberta it is found in the northern boreal forest and an isolated population in the Cypress Hills.

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