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scientific name    Lacon auroratus    

Boreal (jack pine) forest.

The only Alberta record is June 15th.

The tarsal claws have setae. The hypomeron bears a deep groove adjacent to the prosternum for reception of the antennae and a shallow diagonal groove near the procoxae for the reception of the protarsus. Most setae are scale-like; dorsal setae are shorter and broader, and mostly brown to black with intermixed golden setae; ventral setae are silvery, on the prothorax setae are short and broad, setae are longer and thinner on other ventral sclerites. Length 10-13 mm.

life history
Adults have been reared in the United States from hickory logs that had been dead for 5 years.

Rare in Alberta.

One Alberta record from Colinton. In North America, recorded from eastern Alberta to New Brunswick and northeastern United States from New Jersey to Wisconsin.

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