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scientific name    Danosoma obtecta    

Boreal forest.

Adults have been collected from mid June to late July.

The tarsal claws lack setae. The pronotosternal sutures are situated at the bottom of a deep groove for the reception of antennae, and the hypomeron lacks grooves for the reception of the protarsus. Setae are short, broad and scale-like; the dorsal setae are a mixture of white, golden and black setae forming a mottled pattern; ventral setae are pale white. The hind angles of the pronotum are abruptly divergent apically. The posterior half of the pronotum bears a deep longitudinal groove, while the anterior half of the pronotum bears a shallower longitudinal groove. Length 15-17 mm.

life history

Uncommon to rarely collected.

Eureka River eastward. In North America, recorded from Yukon to Nova Scotia, south to Georgia, Missouri and Wyoming.

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