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scientific name    Pissodes fiskei    

Coniferous forests of North America (O'Brien, 1989).

Pissodes fiskei are thought to be in flight from May to August (Stewart and Bright, 1982).

Pissodes fiskei are small (approximately 4mm long) and orange-brown colored. The have a long snout with two antennae extending off its snout. It has two round tawny spots on the posterior margin of its elytra (wing covers) with no other spots (Stewart and Bright, 1982).

life history
Pissodes fiskei is not known to be a forest pest, even though it does feed on trees like its Pissodes relatives. This is mostly due to the fact that they do not feed on the ends of branches as in P. strobi and P. schwartzi so they cause less damage. Instead they feed at the base of trees (Stewart and Bright, 1982). Also, P. fiskei overwinters as pupae on the forest floor (Stewart and Bright, 1982).

Pissodes fiskei is not believed to have any conservation issues at this time. They have persistent, albeit uncommon, populations all across its range, which supposedly has not changed in the past 30 years (Stewart and Bright, 1982).

diet info
Pissodes fiskei feed on pine trees in both larval and adult stages (Stewart and Bright, 1982).

Pissodes fiskei occur in Canada, from British Columbia and southern Yukon to New Brunswick. Their range also extends into the northern U.S.A (Bousquet, 1991).

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