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scientific name    Pissodes schwarzi    

common name     Yosemite Bark Weevil

Pissodes schwarzi can be found in coniferous forest of North America (O'Brien, 1989).

Pissodes schwarzi are known to be in flight in July and August.

Pissodes schwarzi is morphologically very similar to Pissodes strobi (Stewart and Bright, 1982). Pissodes schwarzi are small weevils with white and brown spots covering their body. Two spots on the posterior end of the elytra (wing cover) are usually conspicuous. Generally P. schwarzi are slightly larger and has a darker body colour than P. strobi but these are not good characters to distinguish the two.

life history
Pissodes schwarzi is a close relative of P. strobi but it does not cause the same extensive damage to host trees. This is because P. schwarzi feeds on the boles and roots of the tree instead new branches (Smith and Sugden, 1969). The lack of distinguishing morphological characters that allow for identification of this species is compounded by the fact that this species can interbreed readily with close relatives, including P. strobi (Lewis et al. 2000).

Presently, there are no known conservation concerns regarding P. schwarzi.

diet info
Pissodes schwarzi feed on Pine trees (Smith and Sugden, 1969).

Pissodes schwarzi occurs in western Canada and the United States. In British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan in Canada, and in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California in the U.S.A (Langor and Sperling, 1995).

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