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scientific name    Cleonidius trivittatus    

Grassland to desert-grassland species, elevations of 131-3640 m (Anderson 1987).

Adults active year-round (Anderson 1987).

Adults are cryptically coloured in black to light tan; lines on the dorsal surface aid in camouflage (Pomerinke et al. 1995). No sexual dimorphism (Pomerinke et al.). Elytra greater than 0.55 times longer than wide (Anderson 1987). Hair like scales on pronotal disc are short and flaccid (Anderson 1987, Fig. 153a).

life history
According to Pomerinke et al. (1995), C. trivittatus overwinters in the egg stage. Eggs are round, yellow and approximately 3 mm in size (Pomerinke et al. 1995). Larvae feed on locoweed taproots and pupate underground on or near these roots. Adults feed in the afternoon and evening on the same host plant as the larvae (monophagous) (Pomerinke et al. 1995). This species is univoltine (one generation per year) and has 4 instars (Pomerinke et al. 1995)

Not currently listed on COSEWIC or Alberta species at risk.

diet info
Feed on Leguminosae especially locoweed (Astragalus sp.) (Anderson 1987). An important potential biological control agent in the USA for purple locoweed. Purple locoweed contains the poison swainsonine which causes damage to the nervous system of livestock (Thompson et al. 1995).

In southern Canada this beetle is found in British Columbia east through Manitoba. In the USA it is found in California, South Dakota, Kansas and west Texas (Anderson 1987).

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