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scientific name    Nicrophorus defodiens    

Northern boreal forest and western montane forest.

This species is closely related to N. vespilloides. It has an all black antennal club; the anterior angles of the pronotum project slightly forward; and the elytral epipleuron is orange with the apex and the entire base black. The posterior fascia is a spot on each elytron which does not reach the epipleuron. The segments of the antennal club do not show the white, figure of eight pattern of microsetae that vespilloides does.
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This is a boreal and montane species, from Alaska to Newfoundland and south along the mountains in both the east and west. In Alberta defodiens occurs in forested areas -- in the northern boreal forest, in the western montane forest, and probably in the Cypress Hills.

Meaning of name: "digging down." It refers to the carrion burying habits of this species.

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Andy Maganga (2011-11-22)
I'm very pleased with this description and service. I helps us to quickly determine if an insect sample provided by our clients is has been reported in a given region and whether it is of pest control concern or not. Thank you,


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