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scientific name    Nicrophorus marginatus    

This species can be recognized by the combination of posterior lobe of the metepimeron with long golden setae and the anterior face of the procoxae with short setae. The outer posterior angles of the elytra bear a small tooth, a character unique to this species. The middle black band of the elytra ends sharply before reaching the dorsal ridge of the epipleuron. The antennal club is entirely red, with the last segment short and squat. The metatibiae are strongly curved.

This species occurs over much of the United States, in adjacent Canada and south into Mexico. In Alberta marginatus occurs across the southern parts of the province as far as the foothills. It rarely gets as far north as Calgary.

Meaning of name: "margined." It refers to the red margins [epipleura] of the elytra of this species.

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Amber (2012-07-27)
I would like to tell you that I found this particular beetle (deceased), in a hallway at the Edmonton International Airport a week ago. It was such a unique beetle in appearance that I memorized it and googled it. I am amazed that it made it this far north! The beetle, as I recall was nearly 2 inches in length, and roughly an inch wide. I am sorry to say I did not keep it, but swept up and thrown away. (I work with food, it would have been improper to keep it. I also didn't have anything to put it in.) Fascinating bug, but still gave me the collywobbles.

Lisa (2013-08-03)
I just found one in our yard today in Hinton Alberta. Freaked me right out, but still managed to get a few macro shots of it. Still creeped out ;S

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