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scientific name    Nicrophorus guttula    

This rather small species has a dense patch of long, golden setae on the posterior lobe of the metepimeron and the procoxae bear very long setae on the anterior face. In Alberta the elytral epipleuron is orange except for a prebasal dark spot; the antennal club is entirely orange. The third segment of the antennal club rarely bears a deep emargination. There is a fairly dense brush of brown setae on the inner face of the metatibiae. Although Nicrophorus guttula is fairly constant in colour in Alberta it is quite variable over its entire range.

This is a species of the western U.S. that just crosses into southern Canada. In Alberta it is known only from the southeastern corner of the Province.

Meaning of name: "little spot." It refers to the small red spot at the base of the elytral epipleuron in the dark, California population of this species.

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