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scientific name    Nicrophorus hybridus    

In this species the posterior lobe of the metepimeron is glabrous or with only a few dark hairs; the elytral epipleuron is entirely orange, rather narrow and turned up posteriorly; and the metasternum has a "bald" area behind each mesocoxa. The pronotum is strongly narrowed posteriorly. The metatrochanter in the female has only a poorly developed accessory spine; in moderate to large males the accessory spine is sharply turned back to form a barb, a feature unique to hybridus. The middle black band of the elytra often does not reach the dorsal ridge of the epipleuron.

This is a species of the western prairies. In Alberta occurs throughout the southern half of the province east of the mountains and foothills.

Meaning of name: "hybrid." It probably refers to this species having the characters of other species, particularly marginatus and investigator; it may even have been considered a hybrid when first recognized.

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