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scientific name    Nicrophorus investigator    

The elytral epipleura are wide, with the dorsal ridge of the epipleuron curved down at the posterior end. There is no bald patch on the metasternum behind the mesocoxae. Usually, the elytral epipleura are entirely red but occasionally a prebasal black spot extends down from the basal black band.

This is a holarctic species. In North America it occurs in the boreal regions from Alaska to Newfoundland and then south along the western mountains. In Alberta Nicrophorus investigator occurs across the entire province, in both forest and prairie areas.

Meaning of name: "searcher." It refers to the carrion hunting habits of this species -- and, of course, most other Nicrophorus.

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krsitina Larson (2012-07-19)
I found 1 in my house. In Washington state my cat was playing with it? Anyone know where it came from?

Felix Sperling (2012-07-20)
Perhaps it was attracted to a mouse that your cat caught earlier.

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