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scientific name    Quedius labradorensis labradorensis    

Prefers swampy habitats in the south-eastern portion of range, but also found within deciduous leaf litter, moss, and in montane regions (Smetana, 1971).

Immature specimens collected from the end of July to the middle of September (Smetana, 1971) with mature specimens in the Strickland Museum collected from June to August.

Nearly black to black in coloration, with elytra brownish red; palpi, antennae, and legs reddish brown (Smetana, 1971). Overall length ranging from 9.0 to 13.0 mm. Temples shorter than length of eyes (Smetana, 1971). Scutellum is punctuate, and the antennae are comparatively long with the third segment longer than second, and the middle antennal segments longer than wide (Smetana, 1971). Posterior frontal punctures located close to the hind margin of head, with an additional setiferous puncture positioned amongst the anterior and posterior punctures (Smetana, 1971). Pronotum is rounded broadly near the base and narrows slightly towards the front, overall is distinctly wider than elytra which is comparatively short (Smetana, 1971). In males, internal sack of the aedoeagus contains a short tooth located at the midline prior to a paired longitudinal structure of large size.

life history
One specimen displaying an apparent color morph consisting of a black elytra resulting in a uniformly black individual has been recorded (Smetana, 1973). The species has been documented as a strong indicator of open ground communities (Pohl et al., in press).


diet info
Individuals have been collected on mushrooms (Smetana, 1971) suggesting either direct consumption, or consumption of polypore consumers.

A predominantly northern species with a transcontinental range from Alaska to Newfoundland and Labrador (Smetana, 1971). Specimens collected in Alberta range from as far north as Peace River and as far south as Cypress Hills.

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