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scientific name    Chlaenius lithophilus    

Usually close to the borders of rivers, small pools and slough-like areas with rich surrounding vegetation. Commonly associated with C. sericeus sericeus (Forester) but also found on soft mud (Lindroth 1963).

In Alberta this species has been collected from late May to early September.

Adults: 8.0-9.5mm in length which helps to distinguish them from C. sericeus sericeus. Entire dorsal surface usually bright metallic green but sometimes with a bluish hue, elytra subopaque; appendages rufo-testaceous, antennae infuscated frm the fourth segment. With the exception of the center of the frons, the head is coarsely punctate and pubescent. Antennal segment widening apicad, almost conical in appearance, especially near base. Microsculpture absent on head which also. aids to distinguish them from individuals of C. sericeus sericeus. Microsculpture of the prothorax is irregularly isodiametric and elytra are strongly granulate. Penis is short with a blunt apex. Adapted from Lindroth 1963.

life history
Bell (1960) dissected a female specimen collected in mid-June from Ithaca, New York. This specimen was found to have mature eggs inside it indicating that adults probably lay eggs in late June. Adults likely over-winter.

Relatively common.

diet info
Presumably omnivorous.

Transamerican; in Alberta specimens have been collected as far north as Calling Lake.

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