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scientific name    Chlaenius pennsylvanicus    

Usually at the border of small standing waters but also recorded from sphagnum bogs in the U.S.

Immatures have been collected in August. Adult in Alberta have been collected from mid-May to late July.

Adults:10.4-11.9mm in length. Head and pronotum metallic green with pronotum often tinged with gold coloration. Pronotum relatively long and narrow in comparison to both C. lithophilus and C. nebraskensis. Also easily distinguished from C. lithophilus and C. nebraskensis as the head is smooth whereas the other species are punctate. Pronotal margins almost always sinuate. Legs, palpi, and antennal segments 1-3 yellow-brown to orange brown; antennal segments 4-11. Elytra with sides parallel, slightly convex; stria deep but narrow, with fine, close, inconspicuous puntures; intervals flat and densely punctate; microsculpture granular but fine and shiny in appearance; punctures are however, muricate, giving the surface a rough appearance. Pronotum with more strongly curved sides than C. nebraskensis; lateral margin red-brown to black. Adapted from Bell 1960.

life history
A teneral specimen captured in Medicine Hat, Alberta in mid-August indicates hibernation in an adult state (Bell 1960).

Relatively common.

diet info
Predatory, omnivorous.

Transamerican with exception of some southwestern states. Collected from the southern portion of Alberta.

All specimens of this species from Canada and most of the U.S. belong to the subspecies pennsylvanicus.

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