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scientific name    Cicindela hirticollis athabascensis    

common name     Beach tiger beetle

Light colored beach sands with little or no vegetation and on sand bars in large rivers.

No information available.

Adults of this species are distinguished from others of the Maritima group by the strongly "C" shaped humeral lunule on the elytra. In other aspects they are similar to members of Cicindela repanda. About half the members of athabascensis are blue or green.

life history
This species appears to have late summer adults, which hibernate, and then mate the following spring.

This subspecies is moderately rare in Alberta.

diet info
None available.

The range of this species extends over most of United States and Canada. This species is found in most of Alberta: athabascensis in the northeast; shelfordi in the southern third; and populations of uncertain status in the intervening area (not in the northwest).

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