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scientific name    Phimodera binotata    

Generally collected in sandy areas, sometimes under stones.

Specimens have been collected from May to July.

6.5- 7.0 mm. In Alberta, species of the genus Phimodera are generally slightly smaller and darker in colour than other scutellerids (excepting Fokkeria producta). P. binotata and P. torpida are characterised by a broad X-shaped pattern on the pronotum and paired pale stripes on the leading edge of the scutellum, just below the pronotal angle. While both species of Phimodera in Alberta are quite similar, P. torpida is only known in the province from one record and is probably less likely to be encountered.

life history
Very little is known about the life history of this species, except that in Alberta, Strickland (1953) collected specimens "repeatedly from under stones," while in other regions it has been found in sandy areas (McPherson 1982). Specimens in the Strickland collection have been collected between the months of May and July.

diet info

This species has been found throughout much of the United States (Froeschner 1988), while in Canada it has been recorded in Manitoba, Sakatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon (Maw et al. 2000). Found in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge (short-grass prairie), Calgary (short and long-grass prairie), and Edmonton (mixed aspen and spruce, 75% cleared).

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