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scientific name    Euschistus servus euschistoides    

common name     Brown Stink Bug

Fields and grasslands.

Occurs from June to late September.

Body is oval with the underside being slightly concavr and the abdomen narrow. Entire dorsal side grayish yellow with dark brownish-gray punctures becoming denser at the edges of the pronotum. The last two antennal segments (fourth and fifth) are darker in colour. The ventral surface usually has a pinkish tinge. Cheeks large passing the clypeus in length and more pointed. The humeral angles of the pronotum are rounded. Length 12-14 mm and width 7-8.5 mm (Blatchley 1926).

life history
The eggs are usually laid in groups of 14 and are kettle-shaped (Munyaneza and McPherson 1994). This subspecies is bivoltine, has five larval instars and overwinters in the adult stage (McPherson 1982)

Not at risk.

diet info
Euschistus s. euschistiodes occurs on many different host plants: grains, fruits, flowers, grasses and trees (McPherson 1982). Under lab conditions this subspecies was observed feeding on the larvae of the cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae (Culliney 1985). Thought to attack the larvae of the mountain-ash sawfly (McPherson 1982).

This subspecies is known across all of southern Canada and the northern United States (McPherson 1982). It is known from the northern part of the continent, whereas the other subspecies within Euschistus is known from the south (Panizzi et al. 2000).

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