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scientific name    Formica ulkei    

Found near forest edges and open woodlands (Creighton, 1950 and Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963). In Alberta this species favors aspen parkland habitat (Sharplin, 1966).

Found through May to September.

Workers are ~3.5-7.0 mm in length, have a dark red head, with a yellow thorax and a dusky read gaster. The occipital border of the head is highly concave, have erect hairs on lower half of the pronotum and on the fore coxae (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963). Both the gaster and head are very shiny (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

life history
Queens have been known to use fusca group Formica nests as facultative slaves (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963). Colonies grow very large, up the tens of thousands, with multiple queens, and form daughter colonies through migration (Creighton, 1950).

Not of concern.

diet info
Omnivorous, will eat seeds, fruit, hunt insects and farm aphids (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

Found from Nova Scotia to Alberta, south to Indiana and Illinois. (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

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