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scientific name    Lasius neoniger    

common name     Volcano Ant or Crater Ant

In dry grasslands, urban yards, pathways and cultivated fields (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963, and Sharplin, 1966).

Found form May through to September.

Workers are yellow-brown in color and ~2.0-3.5 mm in length. Eyes are large, penultimate basal tooth on mandible is reduced, the median clypeal lobe is angulate, and the scape has numerous erect hairs on it (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

life history
Nests are found under rocks or entrance form little craters with on entrance. Queens found colonies individually and nuptial flights take place in late August early September.

Not of concern.

diet info
Omnivorous, but rely on farming aphids and tend to only collect dead insects.

Common across North America.

The common name Volcano Ant or Crater Ant is based on the crater like entrances it builds for its colony.

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