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scientific name    Leptothorax ambiguus    

This ant seems to be restricted to the mountains of Alberta only being found once in Jasper National Park (Strickland, 1966). In other areas it favors meadow areas and nests directly in the soil (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

Found foraging from May until late September or early October, but is dependent on local temperatures, and become active in their nest by around late March.

Workers are ~2.0 mm in length, are yellowish-red in colour and have a dark brown gaster. The antennal scape does not reach the occipital margin (Creighton, 1950), the head is opaque, the postpetiole is wider then long, and the epinotal spines are well separated at the base.

life history
Not known.

Not of concern.

diet info
Not known. Probably omnivorous.

In Alberta only one colony has been found, and that was in Jasper National Park. It has been found in Quebec, south to Virginia and across to North Dakota, so it probably has a distribution from the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains to the east coast.

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