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scientific name    Myrmica americana    

Favors drier areas compared to other Myrmica species. In Alberta there is only one recorded area for this species and it is in the Empress Sand Dunes along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. However, in more southern areas it is commonly found in grasslands and in eastern North America in forests. (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963 and Creighton, 1950).

Found foraging from May until late September or early October, but is dependent on local temperatures, and become active in their nest by around March.

The workers are between ~4.5-6.0 mm, and are a light golden brown in colour, with a slightly lighter thorax. Antennae are bent at an almost 90 degree angle and have a lamina surrounding the bend in the scape like a collar. The postpetiole’s ventral surface is flat when seen from profile view. (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963)

life history
Not extensively known. Pupae develop without coccoons. Nuptial flights take place late August early September (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

Not of concern.

diet info
Omnivorous, feeds on both plant and animal remains and have been reported to farm aphids. However, probably the most predatorial Myrmica species and regularly hunts insects (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

The only record of Myrmica americana in Alberta is in the Empress Sand Dunes area, however they have been reported in southern Ontario and Quebec south to Tennessee and across the states to Arizona (Wheeler and Wheeler, 1963).

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