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scientific name    Exetastes fornicator niger    

No habitat associations other than general habitat of genus (see Exetastes genus page).

Specimens have been collected from late June to mid-September (Townes & Townes 1978).

Body and antennae entirely black. Legs reddish with coxae and trochanters black. Tibia and first tarsal segment of hind legs mostly dark brown. Exestastes fornicator consists of a chain of subspecies extending across North America, with many intermediate specimens between recognizable subspecies (Townes & Townes 1978). This subspecies can be distinguished from E. f. exploratus by the darker coloured hind tibia (approximately half brownish in E. f. exploratus compared to mostly dark brown in E. f. niger).

life history
One adult specimen recorded from the goldenrod flowers (Solidago sparsiflora) (Townes & Townes 1978). Otherwise, information for this subspecies is not known. See Exetastes genus page for general life history.

No information available.

diet info
No host records. Host is probably Lepidoptera: Noctuidae.

This subspecies has been collected from southern BC east to Minnesota and south to New Mexico (Townes & Townes 1978).

Synonym Exetastes nervulus var. niger Cresson. Intermediates between E. f. niger and another subspecies, E. f. fornicator, have been collected in Alberta and Saskatchewan (Townes & Townes 1978). These species are distinguished in part by the colour of the stigma (dark brown to black in E. f. niger, light brown in E. f. fornicator). The two specimens in the Strickland Museum have a light brown stigma, which indicates they may be intermediates between E. f. niger and E. f. fornicator.

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