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scientific name    Callophrys sheridanii    

common name     Sheridan's Hairstreak

In Alberta, found in dry grassy slopes of the foothills and Rocky Mountains (Bird et al., 1995).

Adults fly from May to June (Bird et al., 1995).

The wingspan of this small hairstreak is between 22-29 mm. Dorsal wing colour is dark grey-brown. The bright green to dark grey-green ventral wing colour distinguishes this butterfly from others in Alberta. There is a postmedian line of white dots may be straight or bulged out, reduced, or lacking. Eggs are not described. Larvae are green to pink (Opler & Wright, 1999). Pupae are not described.

life history
Unknown in Alberta. Pupae overwinter in Washington and they make creaking sounds when disturbed (Hiruma et al., 1997). Males perch to watch for females in depressions or gulch bottoms (Opler et al., 1995). Females lay eggs singly on host plant (Eriogonum) leaves (Opler et al., 1995; Hiruma et al., 1997). Larvae eat leaves, although some prefer flowers and young fruits (Opler et al., 1995; Guppy & Shepard, 2001).

Rare; provincial rank S1 and "Status Undetermined" because of few records.

diet info
Unknown for Alberta, but larvae feed on various species of wild buckwheat (Eriogonum spp.) in Colorado and Washington (Warren & Robbins, 1993; Opler et al., 1995; Hiruma et al., 1997). Adults feed on flower nectar (Opler et al., 1995). Acorn (1993) states that C. sheridanii larvae feed on bearberry (Arctostaphylus uva-ursi), blueberry (Vaccinium sp.) and laurel.

In Canada, it is found from Southern British Columbia east to Alberta (Layberry et al., 1998). Its range extends south through eastern Washington to the Sierra Nevada of California and southeast along Rocky Mountains to New Mexico (Opler et al., 1995).

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