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scientific name    Coenonympha tullia mackenziei    

common name     Mackenzie's Ringlet

Grassy, open areas in northern Alberta (Bird et al., 1995).

Adults fly in late June (Bird et al., 1995).

This is a small ringlet with a 34-38 mm wingspan. It can be distinguished from other ringlets in the province by the bright ochre dorsal wing surface (Bird et al., 1995). Ventral wing surface is greyish olive, often with a complete, wavy, cream-coloured median line on the hindwing. The ventral forewing usually has a small eyespot near its tip. This butterfly has been subject to taxonomic debate and in Alberta Butterflies, it is called Coenonympha ochracea mackenziei Davenport. The immature stages are not described (Bird et al., 1995).

life history
Unknown for Alberta, but suspected to be similar to other ringlets in the province that overwinter as larvae in mats of dead grass and whose males patrol above the tops of grasses for females (Bird et al., 1995).

Rare; provincial rank S1 and "Status Undetermined" because of few records.

diet info
Unknown for Alberta. Larvae suspected to feed on grasses and rushes (Bird et al., 1995) and adults on flower nectar (Opler et al., 1995).

Recent records from the shield region of northeastern Alberta suggest that this species may be more widespread (ANHIC, 2002). This subspecies is found only in the southern Northwest Territories and northern Alberta (Layberry et al., 1998).

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