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scientific name    Xenotemna pallorana    

Open habitiats.

Early July to early August in Alberta, mid June to late August elsewhere.

The forewing is light straw-yellow usually with some slightly darker shading along the outer margin and a pale fringe. There is some sexual dimorphism, with females typically having a slightly narrower forewing. The hindwing is light grey with white along the costa and a white fringe. Overall it is similar to the much more frequently encountered Clepsis clemensiana, however X. pallorana lacks a costal fold in the male. The larva is yellowish green with a dark spot in the eyes. (Chapman & Lienk 1971) The pupa is strikingly bicolored with the dorsal half dark green and blackish while the ventral portion is greenish ivory. (Chapman & Lienk 1971)

life history
The larva hibernates in a mid-instar inside a folded leaf, resuming feeding in the springtime and pupating on the host plant. The larva feeds by tieing leaves and flowers of its host plant together. (Chapman & Lienk 1971; MacKay 1962)

Probably of no concern, a minor pest in some areas.

diet info
The larva feeds primarily on legumes like Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and White Sweet Clover (Melilotus alba), though while wandering can defoliate a variety of other plants including pine seedlings. (Chapman & Lienk 1971)

From British Columbia to Quebec, south to Florida and California.

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