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scientific name    Pontia sisymbrii    

common name     Spring White

Open, often rocky conifer woodlands.

One brood annually, with peak flight activity between early and late June.

The Spring White (Pontia sisymbrii) is the easiest species to distinguish of the three Pontia whites; the dark vein markings on the hindwing underside are not connected laterally, and it occurs only in montane woodlands and extreme northern Alberta. Females have a yellow flush to them, unlike the Western and Checkered Whites. Alberta populations are the nominate subspecies. Mountain populations are referable to subspecies flavitincta, and our northern boreal populations are the recently-described subspecies beringiensis Guppy & Kondla (Guppy & Shepard 2001).

life history
The eggs are conical and elongated, and turn orange soon after they are laid (Guppy & Shepard 2001). Mature larvae have black lateral line and are light yellow with yellow bands separating the segments dorsally and laterally (Guppy & Shepard 2001). Puape are dark brown with darker spots, and have a rough texture (Guppy & Shepard 2001).

Not of concern.

diet info
Larval food plants are not known in Alberta. In BC, females lay eggs on wild mustard (Arabis sp.) (Guppy & Shepard 2001).

Primarily a species of the western mountainous regions, occuring from the Yukon south into northern Mexico (Opler 1999). The northern populations (Yukon, NWT, northern B.C. and northern AB) are geographically isolated from those further south.

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