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scientific name    Callophrys eryphon    

common name     Western Pine Elfin

Lodgepole pine forests of the foothills; uncommon in boreal jack pine woods.

One annual brood, flying in early May to late June with the peak activity in early June.

The Eastern Pine (C. niphon) is the only other elfin with a 'busy' hindwing underside, with more than just the single median band found in other elfins. The check marks that form a band along the outer third of the hindwing underside are much more evenly-shaped and sized in the Western compared to the Eastern Pine Elfin. It is unclear which subspecies occurs in Alberta (N. Kondla, pers. comm.).

life history
Poorly known for Alberta populations. In BC, the mature larva is dark velvet green with cream-coloured subdorsal and lateral stripes and a brown head (Hardy 1959). Larvae pupate amongst plant litter on the ground and overwinter there (Hardy 1959). Adults perch at the tips of pine branches, and males will pursue moving objects (Bird et al. 1995).

Not of concern.

diet info
The larvae feed on young needles of pine trees, primarily lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) (Layberry et al. 1998).

Widespread throughout much of western North America, from the southern Northwest Territories south to New Mexico (Opler 1999). Sporadic in the east, ranging east along the southern Boreal forest to northern New Brunswick (Layberry et al 1998).

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