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scientific name    Callophrys polia    

common name     Hoary Elfin

A boreal species usually found in or near coniferous forest habitats.

One yearly brood, the main flight occurring in early May to early June.

There are three elfin species with only a single, irregular line through the middle of the hindwing underside, the Hoary, Brown (C. augustinus), and Moss's (C. mossii). The Hoary Elfin can be distinguished from other elfins by the grey outer half of the hindwing underside. Subpsecies obscura Ferris & Fisher is found in Alberta (Bird et al. 1995).

life history
First instar larvae are pale green, turning yellowish-green with reddish dorsal and lateral stripes in later instars (Bird et al. 1995). Layberry et al. (1998) describe the larvae as bright green with pale dorsal and lateral stripes, and pale oblique bands. The dark brown pupae overwinter (Guppy & Shepard 2001). Adults are never far from larval hostplant patches.

Not of concern.

diet info
Bearberry (Arctostaphylus uva-ursi) is the most likely larval foodplant in Alberta, and possibly other heaths (Ericaceae) (Bird et al. 1995).

A boreal species, found from Alaska east to Nova Scotia (Layberry et al. 1998), south along the western mountain chains to northern California and New Mexico (Opler 1999).

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