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scientific name    Celastrina neglecta    

common name     Summer Azure

Unknown in Alberta; likely near prairie and parkland shrub thickets.

One yearly brood; flies from late June to early July in Saskatchewan (CBIF 2002).

Once thought to be the second brood of the Boreal Spring Azure (C. lucia), the Summer Azure flies later in the year, is slightly larger, and has a paler upperside. The underside lacks the extensive black-brown markings of lucia, and is paler overall. Subspecies argentata occurs in southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and our populations may belong to this taxon as well.

life history
No data is available for Alberta; the immature stages are similar to the Boreal Spring Azure (Layberry et al. 1998).

Of special concern; further field work is needed to map the extent of Alberta populations.

diet info
No data on larval or adult food sources are available for western Canada; Layberry et al. (1998) report late-blooming flowers such as dogwoods (Cornus spp.), meadowsweet (Spiraea spp.) and viburnums (Viburnum spp.) as larval hosts.

East-central Alberta east to southern Ontario and New Brunswick (Layberry et al. 1998), south to Florida and Texas (Opler 1999). Known from only two localities in Alberta, from Buffalo Lake where it was found by Gerrie Hilchie, and near Dinosaur Provincial Park (Beck et al. 2002).

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