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scientific name    Lycaena editha    

common name     Edith's Copper

Unknown in AB; likely to inhabit moist montane meadows.

Flies from late June into August in the Rocky Mountain states (Ferris & Brown 1981).

This is one of only two coppers in the province that have a predominantly grey upperside; the other large, grey copper is the Grey (L. dione); Edith's has irregularly-shaped underside spots, giving it a splotchy appearance, while the Grey has spots which are more rounded. The marginal orange band in Edith's is indistinct, compared to slightly broader and brighter in L. dione. Edith's was once considered a subspecies of the Grey, but most people now treat these two as separate species.

life history
The life history is incompletely known, and descriptions of the immature stages are not available.

The status of L. editha populations in Alberta is unknown.

diet info
Larvae feed on species of docks (Rumex spp.) in the Pacific Northwest (Pyle 2002).

Northeastern California, central Oregon and southeastern Washington east to Montana and south to Colorado. Known in Canada from a single specimen collected by Thomas Baird near High River, AB in the early 1900s (Anweiler & Schmidt, in prep.).

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