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scientific name    Lycaena heteronea    

common name     Blue Copper

Dry montane meadows and hillsides.

One yearly flight, peaking in mid July.

The males of this species are the only coppers that are blue, and it is therefore more likely to be confused with the blues than other coppers. The greyish-white underside will distinguish both sexes of the Blue Copper from other blues and coppers: the forewing has very prominent black spots, while the hindwing markings are faint or absent.

life history
The larva is pale green with a covering of short hairs and pale lines (Layberry et al. 1998). The pupa is green with brown spots, and the egg presumably overwinters (Bird et al. 1995). Males patrol rather than perch, and visit damp earth (Bird et al. 1995).

No obvious concerns.

diet info
Larvae feed on buckwheat (Eriogonum spp.) in the western states (Opler 1999). Subalpine and Sulphur Umbrella-Plant (E. umbellatum and E. flavum) are the most likely hosts in Alberta.

Central BC and southeastern Alberta south to California and northern New Mexico (Opler 1999). In Alberta, primarily found south of the Crowsnest Pass (Bird et al. 1995).

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