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scientific name    Boloria frigga    

common name     Frigga Fritillary

Willow fens and sphagnum bogs, moist alpine tundra.

Single-brooded, flying mostly between late May and mid July depending on elevation.

The Frigga Fritillary has extensive dark shading in the inner half of the hindwing upperside, much more so than B. bellona and epithore, which are most similar. The hindwing underside also has a greater contrast between the basal and median area, the outher half being light pinkish-brown. The pale silvery patch along the leading hindwing edge is also brighter than in epithore and bellona. Larger and more distinctly-marked than B. improba, which occurs only in alpine tundra. Subspecies saga occurs in Alberta.

life history
The immature stages of North American populations have not been described in detail. The eggs are laid on the host shrubs and hatch in 9 to 11 days (Bird et al. 1995). Larvae feed on the leaf undersides in early instars and overwinter when nearly full-grown (Bird et al. 1995).

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed on willow (Salix sp.) and dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa) in Alberta (Bird et al. 1995). Adult males occasionally visit flowers (Klassen et al. 1989).

Alaska east to Labrador, south to southern BC, Alberta, and the northwestern Great Lakes region. Disjunct populations occur in the southern Rockies. Also ranges across northern Eurasia (Scott 1986).

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