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scientific name    Oeneis polixenes    

common name     Polixenes Arctic

Dry, gravelly alpine tundra.

One yearly flight, peaking in early to late July.

The upperside is an even greyish brown without any markings, although the underside markings are vaguely visible through the translucent wings. Underside mottled with black and grey, and with a distinct median band. Similar to O. bore, but lacks the light shading along the hindwing veins. Alberta populations are subspecies brucei.

life history
Unknown in Alberta. Elsewhere, eggs are dull white and larvae have longitudinal lines of grey, brown-green and brown, and take two seasons to fully mature. The Polixenes Arctic flies only in odd-numbered years at Baker Lake, NWT and Churchill, MB (Scott 1986), but every year in the Alberta mountains.

Subspecies brucei is not of concern. The status of boreal populations is unknown.

diet info
No larval hosts are reported for Alberta. The main host at Churchill, MB is Carex misandra, and occasionally Festuca mibra (Parshall in Scott 1986). Adults occasionally nectar.

Alaska to Labrador south to Alberta, with isolated populations in New England and the Rocky Mountain States (Scott 1986).

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