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scientific name    Metanema    

Forests and woodlands.

Adults fly in spring and early summer; late April- mid July in Alberta.

The genus Metanema belongs in the Lepidoptera family Geometridae, subfamily Ennominae, Tribe Ourapterygini. It is a small genus containing two described North American species, inatomaria Gn. and determinata Wlk., and at least one undescribed species from Central America. They are medium-sized (approx. 3-4 cm wingspan) grey moths with angular, pointed forewings crossed by two narrow yellow-brown lines. The outer (PM) line continues in an arc across the hind wing. No other Alberta moths of similar size and angular shape are primarily grey in color. The larvae of both species are described and illustrated in color in Wagner et al, 2001.

life history
Metanema are single-brooded, and overwinter in the pupal stage. The larvae are solitary defoliators of Salicaceae (poplar and willow).

Relatively common, widespread species; no concerns.

diet info
Metanema larvae feed on willow (Salix) and poplar (Populus), with willow favored by determinata and poplar by inatomaria.

Both species occur across southern Canada, southward in the forests of eastern North America. Metanema occurs in Alberta in the parklands, foothills and boreal forest regions.

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