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scientific name    Ectropis crepuscularia    

common name     The Small Engrailed

Boreal mixedwood and aspen forests.

Adults fly in spring, peaking in May.

A light gray moth with indistinct mottling and poorly-defined AM, median and PM lines. Recognizable by the very short male antennal pectinations and the dark patch in the subterminal line in the middle of the forewing, opposite the discal cell.

life history
Eggs are laid in groups of 10 to 20 in bark crevices and under moss on tree boles, hatching in about a week. Young larve feed on understory plants, while older larvae move into the tree canopy (Morris 1970). The pupa overwinters in the duff layer on the ground. The twig-mimicking larvae (Saddleback Looper) have occasionally caused noticeable defoliation in BC (McGuffin 1977). A detailed larval description is given by McGuffin (1977) and the mature larva is illustrated by Wagner et al. (2001).

Not of concern.

diet info
A wide range of host plants are used by the larvae, the most common species recorded by Prentice (1963) being conifers including hemlock(Tsuga), fir (Abies), douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga), larch (Larix), cedar(Thuja) and spruce (Picea).

Found across most of temparate North America from Alaska to Florida. Also occurs in the Palaearctic region (McGuffin 1977).

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