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scientific name    Macaria truncataria    

common name     Black-banded Orange

Open coniferous woods, particularly open montane pine woods and boreal peat bogs.

A spring flier, found primarily in May (boreal), June (foothills), and July (alpine).

A small, bright, day-flying geometrid; the bold orange and white-bordered brown stripes across both fore- and hindwing are unique. Sexes are similar; males with pectinate antennae and females with simple antennae.

life history
The eggs are laid on the underside of the leaf of the hostplant and hatch in one to two weeks. Larvae feed for about 40 days before pupating for the winter (McGuffin 1972). McGuffin (1972) describes the immature stages. Adults fly over barren areas where heaths (Ericaceae) grow, and are not known to be active by night. A local but occasionally common moth.

Not of concern in Alberta.

diet info
Larvae feed on bearberry (Arctostaphylus) in Colorado (Dyar, in Forbes 1948) and leather-leaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata) in the eastern US (Wagner et al. 2001). Adults are often associated with Arctostaphylos uva-ursi in Alberta. Probably also feeds on other heaths such as Vaccinium in boreal peat bogs.

A boreo-montane species. Alaska to Newfoundland, south in the Rockies to Colorado, and northern New England in the east (McGuffin 1972). In Alberta found in the mountains from the foothills to the alpine, as well as in the Boreal Forest region.

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