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scientific name    Drepanulatrix unicalcaria    

common name     Spurred Wave

Open montane forest.

No Alberta data; McGuffin (1981) states adults fly from May to September.

Members of this genus are medium-sized geometrids, best recognized by the pointed forewing apex and the contrast between the dark-coloured forewings and light hindwings; unlike most geometrids, the fore- and hindwing patterns are not similar. D. unicalcaria lacks the falcate forewing tip (indented below the apex) of D. falcataria.

life history
Adults are nocturnal, possibly double-brooded (McGuffin 1981, Miller & Hammond 2000). Larvae are light brown with obscure brown markings, presumably cryptic against the branches of the host.

Rare in Alberta; known only from the Waterton region. Widespread in the west.

diet info
The larvae in this genus feed only on species of Ceanothus (Miller & Hammond 2000). It is likely associated with C. velutinus in Alberta.

Southern interior BC southward, with a single Alberta record from the Waterton region (erroneously stated as Calgary in McGuffin 1981).

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