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scientific name    Dysstroma truncata    

common name     Marbled Carpet

Deciduous and mixedwood forests; aspen parkland.

Adults fly in Alberta from late June through late July.

This group of Dysstroma, consisting of D. truncata, suspectata, walkerata, and citrata, form a complex of species which are often difficult to distinguish without resorting to examining the genitalic characters. Forewing colouration is variable. Most similar to and difficult to distinguish from D, citrata; D. truncata flies earlier, and has a brighter, more contrasting orange-brown subapical patch, and the brown AM band usually appears as a more well-defined semi-circle at the anal margin - in citrata, this semi-circle is not apparent as the band is more continuous. The North American subspecies is transversata (Kellicott). McDunnough (1946) illustrates the male and female genitalia.

life history
Little data available; the brief information in Forbes (1948) under this species is questionable due to confusion with other species. Adults come to light.

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed on a wide variety of plants, including herbs, shrubs coniferous and deciduous trees.

YT to Labrador, south to NY and NC in the east (Forbes 1948).

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