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scientific name    Ematurga amitaria    

common name     Cranberry Spanworm

Boreal peat bogs.

In Alberta adults are present mid May to late June.

A medium-sized, rust brown and orange day-flying geometrid; large plumose antennae will separate amitaria from look-alikes: Scopula sentinaria is smaller, has less prominently pectinate antennae and flies later in the year.

life history
The immature stages are described in detail by McGuffin (1977). As the common name suggests, this species is sometimes a pest of cranberry crops and other heaths in eastern North America. Eggs hatch in about ten days, and the larval period lasts 34 to 43 days. Pupae overwinter among debris on the ground (Franklin in McGuffin 1977). Usually found only in peat bogs

Few records for Alberta; more survey work is needed, but not likely to be of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed primarily on heaths such as Ledum, Vaccinium, Rhododendron, Kalmia, Chamaedaphne, and occasionally on rosaceous plants such as Spiraea and Rubus (Ferguson 1955, McGuffin 1977). Host plant use in Alberta has not been documented

Nova Scotia to west-central Alberta, south to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (McGuffin 1977).

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