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scientific name    Hesperumia sulphuraria    

common name     Sulphur Wave

Shrubby areas of dry mixedwood and conifer forests.

Early July to late August.

A medium-sized, predominantly yellow geometrid with few dark markings on the wing. It can generally be recognized by the rich yellow colour, with a large, prominent maroon-brown discal spot. The AM and PM lines are usually reduced to dashes at the costa, but some specimens have a more continuous line visible.

life history
The immature stages are described in detail by McGuffin (1977), and the larva is illustrated in Ives & Wong (1988) and Wagner et al. (2001).

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed on a wide variety of trees and shrubs, but prefer rosaceous shrubs such as cherries (Prunus spp.), roses (Rosa spp), juneberry (Amelanchier spp.), and Shrubby Cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa). The egg overwinters (McGuffin 1977).

BC east to Nova Scotia, south to Missouri, New Mexico and California (McGuffin 1977).

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