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scientific name    Macaria simplex    

Open forests, stream courses and shrubby areas at subalpine elevations

Late June into August, the flight usually peaking in mid July.

A uniform light brown-grey geometer with fore- and hindwing discal spots and a dark, narrow forewing PM line (sometimes absent). A faint AM line sometimes visible. M. simplex have at most two dark, wedge-shaped marks along the forewing costa, unlike Macaria andersoni which generally have three or four. Females have reduced wings. The type locality is the vicinity of Lake Louise (=Laggan), Alberta.

life history
The immature stages are unknown. Adults are active in the late afternoon, possibly also at night.

Not of concern.

diet info
No information available.

A Rocky Mountain species, recorded from the Jasper region south to Yellowstone Park, WY (McGuffin 1972).

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