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scientific name    Lomographa semiclarata    

common name     Bluish Spring Moth

Open shrubby thickets with cherry or hawthorn, especially on valley and coulee slopes.

Flies in early spring, peaking throughout May.

The bright white hindwings and underside, together with frosted grey forewings give this moth a bluish white appearance when flying. The ventral surface has well-defined discal spots, which are faint on the dorsal surface. No other moth like it

life history
The bluish appearance and rapid flight of this diurnal moth are vaguely reminiscent of Spring Azure butterflies (Celastrina lucia), which flies at the same time around cherry thickets. Larvae are rich emerald green with a row of yellow dorsal spots, and pupae overwinter (Wagner et al. 2001).

Not of concern.

diet info
Larvae feed on cherries (Prunus) and hawthorns (Crataegus) (McGuffin 1981).

Coastal BC east to Newfoundland, and from the Peace River region of BC and Alberta south to Oregon, Colorado and Georgia (McGuffin 1981, Wagner et al. 2001).

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Jennifer Taggart (2010-04-09)
I was pleased to find an ID for this moth-- very helpful and interesting linfo as well! Thank you


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